Justin Greenhalgh

Who am I: Cadet

I’m the kind of person to never let my aspirations down. I live for experience and it is something which I value very much in life as there is always a lesson to be learned or a stepping stone to take you closer to your goals. One piece of advice which has always stuck with me is that the first decision you make in regard to anything is never most important; the most crucial decision is always the second as it determines your progression or solution.

People are one of my biggest motivators and drivers at work and in my personal life. I’m constantly trying to surround myself with people who make me a better person or make me feel good. I’ve consistently been told I could talk underwater if it came to it, however like most people I always look for my downtime where possible to reset and re-energize.

On less of a Ted Talk vibe… Apart from eating and exercising to make up for one of the other, I spend the rest of my time exploring the Australian backyard or venturing past our shores! I’ve been lucky enough to tick off 28 countries so far in my travels although found one of my great skills to be finding myself in sticky situations in foreign places. I have always been an intrigued person growing up which I think is what has lead me down the path of construction as it is a forever evolving industry and there’s never a repetitive day. Besides my passion for cars, my love for rugby and rowing have always been something I strive to achieve in. From rowing at national level to breaking numerous bones playing rugby, I love it.

Just another bloke enjoying the ride and taking whatever comes my way.