Who am I: Undercover engineer

When people see me, they never pick me for an engineer. I have two sides that trying to co-exist inside me. One is serious and geeky side who is running around site commissioning a large equipment, and the other is my inner child who loves dancing, going out for drinks, watching silly comedy shows and running around the house chasing the dog 😊

My friends and family always make fun at me because I’m that person who still cries while watching Disney cartons or any dog movies. I have a kind heart, I treat people around me with care, respect and love. Im a very good listener and always willing to help whenever I can. Living far away from my family in Russia has been hard at times but I’m extremally proud to call my family my best friends. I miss them and there isn’t a single day when I don’t call to say good morning to my mum (not joking!)

I love spending time with my amazing friends, family and of course our wonderful dog Bella! I love travelling so I’m always planning the next trip away, even if it’s just around the beautiful South Island or up to Auckland where most of my friends are. I also enjoy music, walking, any type of sport, experimenting in Photoshop and just relaxing on the couch watching a movie or….. some Game of Thrones.