Wiley Excellence Awards 2019

At Wiley, we recognise awesomeness.

Our people who go the extra mile need to be acknowledged. One of the key attributes of the way we lead and deliver projects at Wiley is to recognise and celebrate our individual and collective strengths.

This is your opportunity to join us in living our culture of recognition and nominating our outstanding people for 2019 and join the 75% of us who nominated some people and teams last year. Please complete your name and specific events in your nominations for your vote to be valid.

Every valid nomination (up to a point) will be an entry in the lucky door prize at the end of year party. Please take the time to read the criteria and honour your mates with a quality nomination.  It might support your nomination to have a look through the Wiley people chart and to read through the way we lead.


The Wiley Tribe Awards for 2019 are:

Paul Phillips’ Award for Excellence (aka The Phillips Head Award)
This award recognises a person that champions our culture and values, makes a difference and creates a better future. (Last years winner and ineligible was – Brandon Miller)

High Performance Team Award 
This award recognises a leader and their team who delivered a project for a client or internally that champions our culture and values and achieved the following:

1. The team interacted in the best traditions of our inclusive and empowered culture.

2. The team leader leads in the best traditions of the way we lead.

3. The project either made a significant profit or if internal a significant dollar saving or productivity improvement. (Age calculated at the end of 2019)

(Last years winner and ineligible was – GMP team )

Young Gun Award
This award recognises a person 30 years or younger who brings passion to our tribe, champions our values and has an unquenchable drive.
List of eligible people:-

Aaliya Omar, Aisling Brady, Alex Readman, Ben Crocker, Bryant Hui, Ellery Miles, Hazirah Izhar, Holly Millhouse, Jaie Mauger, Jake Smith, Jared Grant, Josh Christie, Josh Schauer, Justin Greenhalgh, Kurt Kruwinnus, Margarita Savchenko, Mark McNeil, Matthew Fuller-Mackail, Rachel Servis, Scott Niven, Solomon Coppard, Tom Craig, Tom Gibson, Tom Smith, Will Allendorf, Zainub Mahomed  (Last years winner and ineligible was – Ade, Zane & Joe)

Specialist Award 
This award recognises a person who is outstanding in their speciality, teaches others their speciality, consistently improves themselves and shares their knowledge openly with pride. (Last years winner and ineligible was – David Schubert and Heath Barker)

Business Development Award (People with BD specific role not eligible)
This award recognises a person who has massively contributed to our business development efforts they may have generated quality leads, found projects, maintains great relationships, supported many relationship activities outside normal hours, showed great knowledge leadership in the market or has improved how we sell and maintain relationships. (Last years winner and ineligible was – Tom Wilson)

Kevin Tyrrell – Quiet Achiever Award
Recognising one of our quiet achievers, this person has made an awesome contribution to the activities and operation of Wiley. (Last years winner and ineligible was – Peter Stanford and Andrew Schmidt)

Education Achievement Recognition (a finished achievement of Cert IV or Higher)
Recognising the educational achievement of an individual.

Fun Awards 
These awards are about having a laugh! What has happened at Wiley that has made you laugh? Awards are done in good taste, so please keep this in mind.