Funding Your Food Project

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Do you need finance for your food project?
At Wiley we’re known for our market leading solutions for food businesses. While we engineer the food manufacturing and production processes from end to end and design and deliver the construction of the facility we bring a lot more to our client’s businesses.

Wiley is about enabling our clients to deliver on their business outcomes in a range of ways.

In many cases businesses are able to identify return on investment for future projects in production development and expansion of capacity but often the business has other priorities or demands on its assets and capital resources. This can see critical market opportunities pass a business by when the ready funding isn’t free to take action and grow.

At Wiley we’re able to assist clients by accessing a range of options that free up our client’s own capital allowing them to move on many strategic opportunities at once. This assistance can take many forms.

We are able to work with private equity firms, venture capital and enterprise level commercial funding as well as State and Federal public funding programs that can be leveraged to assist your business.

Grants and programs supporting sustainability and renewable energy initiatives as well as export development continue to be available, for which businesses in the food and agriculture sectors are well placed to benefit.

Current available grants:
Victoria’s Future Industries Manufacturing Program
RIRDC’s research funding program
Victoria’s Regional Jobs and Infrastructure Fund
South Australia’s Manufacturing Technologies Program
South Australia’s Big Data Connect Program
South Australia’s Advanced Food Manufacturing Grant Program

A myriad of grant opportunities are on offer or upcoming (open but not yet accepting applications) for businesses. If your food or agribusiness is considering or exploring opportunities, new processes or technologies or moving premises, would possible financial assistance be an enabler?

Talk to us about how we can help your business.

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