Council and Community Working Together

10 March 2017

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Client: Western Downs Regional Council (WDRC)
Location: Dalby, Queensland, Australia
Facility: Regional Saleyards Redevelopment


The Western Downs region is located three hours west of Brisbane and covers an area of 38,039km2.
The Western Downs Regional Council manages and operates a saleyards complex in Dalby in collaboration with key stakeholders.

The Dalby Saleyards is one of the largest one-day centres in Australia, with an annual throughput of over 200,000 head of cattle and up to 10 operators conducting their business from the facility.

This redevelopment illustrates how Western Downs Regional Council (WDRC), Wiley and the local community worked closely together to deliver a saleyard facility that complied with animal welfare standards.

The challenging scope that Wiley delivered

Wiley was engaged to design and construct a new undercover saleyard facility including automated drafting facilities, improved lighting and holding pens; compliant with a range of legislative, welfare, operational and environmental factors.

The overall design considered the RSPCA’s Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare Policy and the recommendations outlined by Dr Temple Grandin, a global authority on livestock behaviour, design of facilities and humane slaughter.

Value outcomes for WDRC and operators

Buyers and agents gained trust and confidence in Council in supplying a comfortable environment to conduct their business.

Council achieved compliance, with Animal welfare measures implemented including:

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