Gundagai Meat Processing boning room

Client: Gundagai Meat Processors (GMP)
Scope overview: Build an expansion of the boning room

Project Description

Wiley innovates efficient new boning room for Gundagai Meat Processors


Gundagai Meat Processors (GMP) is a leading lamb processor who supplies exclusively to Coles Supermarkets.


GMP has expanded steadily to continue to meet Coles order requirements.  Following the development of a site master plan by Wiley, GMP identified the need to expand their boning room.

GMP previously managed projects with a combination of in-house responsibilities and consultants.  They moved to a Wiley approach of single point of responsibility for building and process.


  • Design for future expansion
  • Cope with space restrictions in the boning room
  • Improve ergonomics, Occupational Health and safety and materials handling
  • Tight timeframe of project to meet Coles deadlines for change-overs.



  • A boning room concept consistent with the master plan developed by Wiley.


  • Various design options for the boning room layout with 3D virtual modelling
  • Developed innovative tote handling system never used previously in the meat industry
  • Building extension to accommodate an expanded boning room.


  • Design, tendering and procurement of conveyors, including an innovative hygienic overhead conveyor
  • Preparation of specifications for PLC programs
  • Coordination of major contractors.


  • Supervision of construction & process subcontractors
  • Manage interface with existing operations
  • Responsibility for trim, cost and quality parameters.


Wiley delivered an innovative new boning room capable of a quick 4 day change-over period. This enhanced efficiency ensures GMP can keep pace with Coles order requirements.

The Wiley developed tote handling system is a first for the meat industry and also allows the client to sync with Coles supply chain decision to move away from cartons to packing into totes.