Wiley Extends Asia Pacific Footprint with NZ Engineering Consultancy Acquisition

07 December 2018

Wiley has today announced the acquisition of long-term project partner, Milmeq’s food processing engineering consultancy team. Wiley will integrate a number of Milmeq existing team members into their New Zealand operations which extends their existing capabilities and ensures continuity of service to Milmeq’s existing clients. The two companies have worked together for many years on… Read More

Automated Warehousing For Manufacturing Facilities

16 November 2018

In the 14 years between 1993 and 2007 the number of industrial robots in operations quadrupled. In the coming years to 2025 its expected that the same quadrupling will occur. For those with warehouse operations, the robotic wave is here, and it has a short payback period. At Wiley, we make it our priority to… Read More

2nd Immersive AR and VR Customer Experience, Marketing and Product Development Forum Insights

08 November 2018

Wiley recently attended ‘2nd Immersive Augmented and Virtual Reality Customer Experience, Marketing and Product Development Forum’, in Melbourne, Victoria. We love sharing our learnings with our network, to help us all reach peak performance. Wiley’s Heath Barker attended the conference and shares his highlights below. While Wiley have been playing in the AR and VR space… Read More

Bioenergy Strong 2018 – Conference Highlights

01 November 2018

Wiley food and bioenergy facility specialists recently attended ‘Bioenergy Strong 2018 Conference’, in Brisbane, Queensland. A key focus of the conference was the future of Australia’s bio-economy. Conference sessions included how Australia compares to the rest of the world in this field, what barriers and challenges there are to preventing growth, and how we can… Read More

Chemring Boosts Operations With Facility Expansion

30 October 2018

Chemring is boosting its operations to position itself to supply countermeasures for the F35-Lightning II (Joint Strike Fighter) with an expansion to their existing facility, designed, engineered and constructed by Wiley. As part of the project, Chemring will expand its state-of-the-art countermeasure and pyrotechnic manufacturing facility in Lara – which is already one of the… Read More

Geopolymer & High-Blend Cement – A pathway To A Lower Carbon Footprint

15 October 2018

Environmental Leadership Is As Simple As Asking A Question As I hold the small grey cube in my hand, it feels weighty – in more ways than one. There is a sense of expectation in the materials lab, as if this one little concrete sample will one day grow up to save the world. Mark,… Read More

Australia’s Largest Charity Kitchen To Cook Millions Of Meals In Brisbane Delivered By Wiley

09 October 2018

FareShare have today fired up the ovens of a kitchen the size of a basketball court to cook surplus food into free, nutritious meals for Queenslanders in need. The bold initiative to fight hunger and food waste is an exciting collaboration between leading food charity FareShare, which cooks rescued food at scale, and Foodbank, Australia’s… Read More

Blockchain: Linking The Food Industry 

01 October 2018

This article is the first in a series on blockchain by Wiley and its place in the future of the food industry. The series will explore precisely what blockchain, or the distributed ledger, actually is. We’ll look at how it is or could be implemented in the food industry, the challenges for implementation and real-life… Read More

Wiley Volunteer To Keep Australia’s Largest Charity Kitchen Safe

28 September 2018

Over the weekend a bunch of Wiley employees volunteered at Australia’s largest charity kitchen to install STOMMPY bollards and safety protection equipment. The safety protection equipment will go a long way to keeping the hundreds of volunteers safe in the facility and ensuring the facility is protected. FareShare is currently building the charity kitchen in… Read More

Ridley Extrusion Plant Progressing

24 September 2018

Ridley Corporations new extrusion plant located in Westbury, Tasmania designed and delivered by Wiley, is advancing on schedule with the main structure now beginning to take shape. This significant milestone is a key success for the project team and its focus to deliver the state of the art facility for Tasmania and Ridley. Ground services,… Read More