The Evolution Of Clean Meat

24 August 2018

Looking to understand the future of ‘clean meat’ and meat alternatives? Wiley takes a dive into this controversial topic to shed light on the evolving industry. In recent years there has been increasing interest in what is being labelled by its proponents as ‘clean meat’ (also known as cultured meat, in vitro meat, or lab-grown… Read More

Australian Prawn Farmers Association (APFA) Symposium – Moving Into The Future

24 August 2018

Wiley recently attended the Ridley Australian Prawn Farmers Association (APFA) Symposium in the Gold Coast. AFPA is the leading industry organisation for prawn and shrimp farming in Australia, an industry with a value of circa $85 million. The industry focuses on providing high quality and high value product to the Australian retail sector and is… Read More

Owning Vs Renting – Which Is Best?

23 August 2018

The past five years have seen an explosion of new and innovative models and products to fund food processing facilities. While once the landscape was dominated by the traditional finance options (major banks), businesses can now access capital through a variety of new options. New funding sources include internet-based, peer-to-peer lending platforms, community ownership models,… Read More

Oji Fibre Solutions Win Wiley Best In Design Award at Food & Beverage Awards 2018

22 August 2018

Held last week in Sydney, the Food & Beverage Industry Awards recognises and celebrates the industry’s successes and innovations. Wiley, this year, were proud to sponsor the Best In Design Award which was won by Oji Fibre Solutions. This category celebrated a manufacturer that had implemented an integrated design and build that included automation and… Read More

FareShare and Wiley partner to feed Brisbane’s hungry

08 August 2018

Food charity FareShare is in the process of building Australia’s largest charity kitchen in Brisbane.  The facility is being delivered by Wiley who have partnered with FareShare and provided their services at cost. In October 2018, Fareshare will open the state of the art, production kitchen  in Morningside, Brisbane, with the aim to cook 1.25… Read More

Step Into Your Future Facility With Us

24 July 2018

At Wiley we believe in immersing ourselves and our customers into the future of their facilities. This enables our clients to quickly understand and live the experience of walking through and interacting with their vision of a new facility or upgrade long before we build it. As you interact and walk through the virtual surroundings… Read More

JK Visits Propak 2018 In Bangkok

25 June 2018

Propak in Bangkok, is the single biggest food & beverage trade show in the south-east Asia region. Wiley Engineering Manager, JK (Yong Jun Keong) from our Malaysian office, was on hand to explore the exhibition and report back on his findings below. We love sharing knowledge from these events with our network to help us… Read More

Wiley Partners With USQ To Create A Better Future

19 June 2018

Last night Wiley’s Brett Wiskar was on hand to be a judge at the University of Southern Queensland in Toowoomba for the Pitch Club Challenge. USQ created the Pitch Club as a specialised community within their research culture. A safe environment for researchers, looking to secure funding or research partners, to develop the invaluable skill of… Read More

The Gap State High School Expands Ready For Growth

06 June 2018

As The Gap State High School prepares to grow over the next three years, an upgrade to the school facilities is well underway. Wiley were awarded the delivery of the upgrades to the Queensland school earlier this year and have been onsite since March.     The three-level building, Block Q will contain seven classrooms, four… Read More

Seeing a better grading consistency

04 June 2018

This article was first published in Australian Meat News May 2018 Meat grading has been a triumph of the Australian meat industry to provide both producers and consumers with reassurance of quality, but twenty years after its development, it is time to improve the knowledge with current technology. In a recent media release, Wiley and… Read More