Growth in a challenging economy

14 June 2012

Highlands Senior Executive Forum is the pre-eminent forum providing an opportunity for CEOs and senior executives from the Australasian food, beverage and grocery manufacturing sector and supply companies to network with colleagues and peers from across the industry including senior executives from the retailing sector. The program presents an array of topical and forward-looking issues… Read More

From eyewear to ‘eyeware’

14 June 2012

Earlier this month, Google released a video (see below) announcing Project Glass: the development of a pair of glasses with a real difference. Google’s augmented reality eyewear (or “eyeware”) will provide hands-free access to maps, weather information, message notifications and more, all displayed as a virtual layer on top of the user’s regular vision. Watch… Read More

‘Green Tape’ to be Cut

14 June 2012

Business groups have welcomed new progress toward cutting “Green Tape” as it relates to environmental approvals for major construction projects. Australian Industry Group chief executive designate Innes Willox said, ”There is broad scope to cut business red tape, to do so would reduce costs, make business more competitive and relieve some of the pressures particularly on small… Read More

Beef 2012 forum to focus on World Wildlife Fund plan

14 June 2012

Beef central reports on the potentially heated and politically charged launch of the Australian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef that will take place at the Beef 2012 event in Rockhampton next month. With some of the biggest players in the international beef supply chain, including McDonalds, JBS, Cargill, Walmart and Merck,  recent involvement with the World… Read More

Modernising Orientation Planning

14 June 2012

Modernising Orientation Planning The ancient Romans and Greeks devised design processes in which the interior environments of buildings could be controlled through natural means such as the clever positioning of their layouts, physical orientations and windows. Throughout industrial history, this basic principle hasn’t changed, with modern architects using solar orientation techniques taken straight out of… Read More

2nd National Sustainable Food Summit: an overview

14 June 2012

The 2nd National Sustainable Food Summit took place over 3 and 4 April at Dockside in Sydney. The two days were packed full of stimulating discussion and exciting ideas for changing the way we look at food – from research to production to consumption. Discussion ranged from climate change to synthetic meat to social responsibility… Read More

Cloud computing is not all fluff

14 June 2012

A RECENT survey by IDC Manufacturing found that 22% of US manufacturers have already incorporated cloud computing into their IT portfolios, and that 44% were in the process of doing so or have firm plans to do so. That means two-thirds of US manufacturers are sold on the concept of cloud computing; with a mere… Read More

A ‘Vertical Greenhouse’ Could Make a Swedish City Self-Sufficient

14 June 2012

The future of urban farming is under construction in Sweden as agricultural design firm Plantagon works to bring a 12-year-old vision to life: The city of Linköping will soon be home to a 17-story ‘vertical greenhouse.’ The greenhouse will serve as a regenerating food bank, tackling urban sprawl while making the city self-sufficient. Plantagon predicts… Read More

Clean Technology Investment Programs Infomation Sessions

14 June 2012

Learn how to apply for the $1 billion Clean Technology Investment Programs The response to the recently launched $800 million Clean Technology Investment Program and the $200 million Clean Technology Food and Foundries Investment Program has been understandably fierce. Many businesses are struggling to marry the constant demand for the latest processing technologies with strigent and ever shifting… Read More

What’s the Cost of Carbon?

13 June 2012

                    Attending a Carbon Accounting and Reporting Masterclass last week, confirmed for me that the two most significant impacts of the carbon tax for the food industry are the cost increases expected for electricity and the multiplier impact of the carbon price on refrigerants. There seems to be no end to the rhetoric about carbon… Read More