Clean Technology Investment Programs Infomation Sessions

14 June 2012

Learn how to apply for the $1 billion Clean Technology Investment Programs The response to the recently launched $800 million Clean Technology Investment Program and the $200 million Clean Technology Food and Foundries Investment Program has been understandably fierce. Many businesses are struggling to marry the constant demand for the latest processing technologies with strigent and ever shifting… Read More

Share your challenge

14 June 2012

Wiley launch the Food Industry Challenge We are interested in everyone’s input.  We plan to share, discuss and workshop the issues to build a better food future. 

What’s the Cost of Carbon?

13 June 2012

                    Attending a Carbon Accounting and Reporting Masterclass last week, confirmed for me that the two most significant impacts of the carbon tax for the food industry are the cost increases expected for electricity and the multiplier impact of the carbon price on refrigerants. There seems to be no end to the rhetoric about carbon… Read More