PROJECT WIN: Some “uplifting” news to share!

Wiley has been awarded the Growth Uplift plus Administration project at Griffin State School…and we couldn’t be happier.

Our education team will deliver exciting new facilities for Griffin State School, including:
✅ a new 3-storey general learning facility
✅ two new administration annexes
✅ a new covered shelter
✅ refurbishments to the existing administration building.

Since opening in 2016, Griffin State School has quickly become a cherished cornerstone of the growing Griffin community, bringing its “anchored in excellence” vision to life.

This is our second build at Griffin State School. In 2020, Wiley proudly delivered the school’s transformative Stage 3B & 4 project and we are honoured to once again be #BuildingTheFuture for the Griffin State School community. Learn more here:

Our dedicated project team is excited to collaborate with our project partners to enhance the school’s educational landscape:

Project Manager: Dan Schaefer
Contracts Administrator: Alex Readman
Project Coordinator: Elijah Croxford
Site Management: Nick Christiansen, Chris Eales

Aspect Project Managers
Thelander Architects
Jeremy Ferrier Landscaping
MPN Consulting
Webb Australia Group
CWA Hydraulics
Hendry Group

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