The built environment is a key factor in supporting learning.  We believe a strong focus on the needs of the students, teacher and those supporting learning is of great importance to delivering quality educational environments.

Wiley have successfully managed the design and construction of many education sector projects.  Our people bring a strong understanding of the unique requirements of these educational environments:

  • Maintaining a secure, safe environment for employees, students and site visitors including efficient and effective management of pedestrian and vehicular traffic.
  • Key stakeholder engagement — collaborating with lead consultants (Architects, Project Managers), government bodies, industry authorities and end users, including Parents and Citizens and student leadership groups, to develop briefs. This early consultation process and complex management of key stakeholders, all with individual design inputs and agendas, ensures optimal design layout for the end users.
  • A program that considers the daily educational program and the effects of noise emission on your operational environment.
  • Optimised design and cost effective construction methods to continually deliver best value for publicly funded projects.

Key Projects