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Health facilities require an empathetic, unique and personal approach. Our specialists understand the requirements of the end users in health, pharmaceutical and aged care facilities and the importance of delivering a very human-centred outcome.  The comfort and safety of those in our clients’ care, their family, the staff and supporting community is paramount.

Wiley have the expertise to deliver cost effective and functional facilities that support and enhance the delivery of high standards of patient care. Our delivery methods respond to the demands of specific operating procedures, commercial and technical issues along with health authority regulations.

We work collaboratively with you to deliver facilities to support ends users including:

  • Commercial kitchens
  • Controlled entry requirements to clean rooms according to Physical Containment Level (PC1-PC3)
  • Ante rooms/staff entry areas with cross over benches
  • Mechanical services to include HEPA (Highly Efficient Particle Arrester) filtration systems
  • Positively charged atmosphere conditions
  • Pharmaceutical production rooms
  • Wash down areas
  • Compliance of dangerous goods, contaminate and explosive environments
  • Therapeutic Goods Association Code of Practice
  • Air sampling and monitoring systems
  • Installation of VESDA (Very Early Smoke Alarm Detection)
  • Deionised water supply with reverse osmosis system installed

Key Projects