Melbourne Market Solar Canopy and Undercover Parking Expansion

Client: Melbourne Market Authority
Location: Victoria, Australia
Scope overview: Design and construction. Create a solution to provide market users with greater protection from inclement weather during business operations.
Facility: Solar canopy and undercover parking
Project Profile: Download PDF

Project Description

Wiley in-house design specialists provided an alternative, environmentally sustainable and cost-saving design solution during the
tender stage; ensuring minimal disruption to operations during the construction phase and ease of maintenance in the long term. This design solution differed from the conforming bid by:

  • Running services aerially, rather than in trenches
  • Building roof access to the canopies via new bridges spanning from the existing building—replacing the vertical ladder access to each canopy in the conforming tender.
  • A parapet design that complements the existing market facility, in place of Monowills handrail system.

The brownfield project includes:

  • Six structural steel canopies spanning 2.2 hectares
  • 4,332 solar panels generating 1.95-megawatt power to support
    onsite energy requirements
  • 8,200,000 litres of rainwater catchment capacity per year

Melbourne Market Solar Canopy and Undercover Parking Expansion Timelapse