Rapid Disaster Recovery Helps JBS Rockhampton Get Back Into Production

28 January 2017

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JBS Rockhampton

JBS is Australia’s largest beef processor and one of the country’s largest lamb processors.
Products include a variety of beef, lamb and mutton and the company also produces a wide range of meat by-products such as hides, skins and meat and bone meal.

Business value created for JBS Australia
In February, 2015 JBS’s Rockhampton facility was struck by Cyclone Marcia with disastrous consequences.  Initial estimates from within JBS were that the plant would be closed for three or more months.  Wiley’s rapid recovery approach meant that the plant was reopened in just over four weeks.  A task considered impossible by some.

Compelling need for the project
The Rockhampton facility employs more than 500 people and has a processing capacity of nearly 700 cattle.  The financial loss to JBS and the community per day as a result of this disaster was significant.  Recovering a safe operating environment in the shortest possible timeframe was paramount.

The challenging scope that Wiley delivered
Key scope items that Wiley delivered include:

  • Review the damage caused by the destructive Cyclone Marica.
  • Arrange for engineers and surveyors to be onsite within 24hrs.
  • Survey, assess and record all damage for insurance purposes.
  • Identify business critical areas and prioritise rectification works.
  • Prepare cost plans for insurance and works approval purposes.
  • Secure materials in large quantities to progress works rapidly.
  • Identify & organise all critical skills required and program works.
  • Manage daily and concurrent site activities with clear communication and reporting.
  • Manage difficult site conditions such as a variety of exclusion zones and asbestos contamination issues.
  • Fast track works (7 day working week with multiple shifts) with a staged approval (risk control gates) approach.
  • Manage the integration between the client, the insurer and the loss adjuster as required.

Value outcomes for JBS Australia
Wiley and JBS engaged in a very collaborative approach with “round the clock” communication and reporting combined with accelerated planning and approval processes.

As a result, the project team was able to deliver the earliest possible restart of operations.  Temporary repair methods were utilised in areas requiring longer rectification periods to facilitate this rapid recovery of production.

The financial impacts of Cyclone Marcia were minimised as operations reignited within weeks of the disaster hitting the site.  The benefits Wiley were able to deliver with this approach flow directly to JBS, their staff, the insurers and the wider community.

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