Leading Complex Projects In Live Operational Environments

21 August 2017

Delivering projects in live operational and clinical environments is often a complex challenge faced by those looking to expand, upgrade, refurbish or modernise their facilities or assets. Ideally, all projects would be delivered in a greenfield setting or separated from daily operational needs through long shutdowns, however we don’t live in an ideal world. To… Read More

Mastering your future

20 April 2016

Understanding master planning Master planning is, simply put, the art of comprehensive, long-term strategy. In this article we would like to share with you some of our knowledge on one of the most valuable tools for successfully navigating the minefield of modern manufacturing. “Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can… Read More

Augmented Reality Check

02 February 2016

Multi-generational workforces powered by integrated communications technology will lead food manufacturing into a new era of productivity, writes Wiley’s Brandon Miller. Changes in food industry work environments, work forces and technology will enable an exciting leap forward in open communication, collaboration and knowledge transfer. This new era of transparent and immediate information may prove to… Read More

Greenfield? Brownfield? How to avoid the minefield of site selection

09 June 2015

Expansions and acquisitions are a growing characteristic of the maturing Australasian food industry. Major local companies and multinationals need to compete in the global economy so they’re looking to grow organically, consolidate their operations, or expand through acquisition. So often we see clients who have bought land or a brownfield site that is not fit… Read More

Dairy Hygiene: Avoid crying over spoiled milk

04 June 2015

5 critical factors for hygiene in a dairy facility. The battle for front-of-store shelf space is ongoing and Wiley’s dairy technologist, and project manager Arthur Seiler believes there are no fiercer battlegrounds than the fridges and chilled sections of our supermarkets.   (PDF)     By Arthur Seiler

Avoid building a new old facility

10 January 2015

Industry Type: Industrial Manufacturing, Logistics, Food Processing Author: Steve Christie Service Area: Advice, Design, Engineering Date: 23 Jul 2014 Excerpt from Introduction – Full Article PDF The latest catch phrases storming the media describe the ‘Dining Revolution’ and set Australia as the ‘Food bowl of Asia’, but the real story paints a different picture. The reality… Read More

Under pressure: Meeting consumer demands with non-thermal food preservation

10 January 2015

Industry Type: Industrial Manufacturing, Food Processing Author: Martin Bevis Service Area: Advice, Design, Engineering Date: A Heated History The principle of using heat treatment, or pasteurisation, as a means of killing harmful microbes was established by Louis Pasteur in 1862. The principle has changed little since then and is in universal use throughout the food… Read More

Where is your Business at?

10 January 2015

Industry Type: Industrial Manufacturing, Refurbishment, Logistics, Food Processing Author: Andrew Newby Service Area: Advice Date: 27 Jul 2011 PLANNING YOUR COMPANY’S GROWTH Food companies operate within a competitive and dynamic market place where the challenge is to continually develop new innovative product shapes, flavours and exciting packaging. Many successful niche companies have either grown into… Read More

Saucy new development raises the bar in ready meals preparation

10 January 2015

Industry Type: Industrial Manufacturing, Food Processing Author: Martin Bevis Service Area: Advice, Engineering Date: 14 Oct 2013 A major component of any ready meal is the quality of its sauce. The finish, colour, smell and flavour of the sauce are all critical factors in the commercial and culinary success of the finished product. Current Process… Read More

Mastering your future

10 January 2015

Industry Type: Industrial Manufacturing, Warehousing, Offices, Refurbishment, Logistics, Food Processing, Distribution Author: Andrew Newby Service Area: Advice, Design Date: 22 Sep 2011 Wiley is proud of the level of insight and expertise we bring to every project we are involved in. A prime factor in our success comes down to these two words and the… Read More