Our Values

Around here, we live by a core set of values that guide our behaviour and form the foundation of the Wiley culture. We hold these values high, above all else, especially when times are tough. They keep us focused on what is important as we continue to grow.

PrintA sense of community.  At Wiley we value relationships that include, nurture, support and protect our people as families do. We actively seek life balance by working hard, having fun and celebrating openly.We care passionately about the environment and our surroundings with an eye to making a difference where we can.

PrintIntegrity in all we do.  At Wiley we take responsibility for achieving the best we can with the hand we are dealt. We keep our promises and always follow through. We do not hide behind half-truths, excuses or blame. We respect each other equally and act honestly with courage. There is one set of rules that applies to everyone.

PrintQuality first.  At Wiley we take pride in what we do and we do what makes us proud. We pursue excellence in a professional way through continual improvement. We set high standards for ourselves and others. Our passion for presentation and form is the tangible way we communicate our commitment to quality.

PrintFuture focus.  At Wiley we plan and act with the big picture in mind. We enable and challenge ourselves and our clients to lead. We are always receptive to new ideas.We embrace change and the future with enthusiasm. We take pride in our ability to creatively problem solve and find the best solutions in every situation. Our belief in continuous learning reflects a pure delight and appreciation for creative discovery and innovation that leads to elegant solutions.

PrintEmpower our people.  At Wiley we actively encourage and enable our people to develop and grow to their greatest potential. We embrace individuality and provide a flexible working environment in which there is room to learn from our mistakes. We support personal development and autonomy yet encourage teamwork and collaboration. By recognising and celebrating our individual and collective strengths we empower our people.