The Wiley Story

We owe our company to talented business people whose vision, as early as 1918, led to the creation of the multidisciplined technical service company that is Wiley in the twenty-first century.  Each new generation at Wiley has chosen the task of dedicating themselves and learning the company from the inside out before taking up the helm of operations. Beyond this, each of these family members has taken the strengths left to them by their fathers and then reached further to evolve Wiley into the firm it is today.


Harry Taylor establishes H Taylor and Son, a traditional building company focusing on food processing and light industrial facilities.

Early 1940s

H Taylor and Son broadens its base to include public works and essential services projects.


Harry Taylor’s son-in-law and former apprentice, Gordon Wiley, rejoins the firm after serving overseas during World War II and begins GW Wiley and Co.


Gordon’s son, Rodney Wiley, joins the company. Rodney ushers Wiley into a new dimension with his vision to adapt the company ahead of the industry and to look beyond the traditional tender-based construction ethos to embrace a client-focused approach.


Rodney’s son, Tom Wiley joins the company and learns the family business.  He now plays the role of Head Steward and will bring to fruition, bold new paths to carry Wiley far into the future.

At Wiley our biggest difference is our commitment to a Generational Company philosophy which has two important tenets. First, we act as stewards of the company — not managers — it is our responsibility to leave the company in better condition than we found it. Second we try to keep a balance between delivering outstanding performance for our clients and a focus on the needs of our own people.

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