Who am I: Contracts Administrator

If I’m not at work you’ll usually find me playing social sport, chasing my twins around the yard (2 v 1 not fair), sharing time with friends or exhausting my body on a milestone fitness challenge. I value my family/close friends and my health above most other things in life.

If you ask me what my newest hobby is and I don’t have one, then I am most likely about to start one. They all have a purpose (to me) and keep my brain active which keeps my thirst for problem solving quenched. They usually involve financial investments, home improvements or an over the top fitness goal which makes others cringe.

The people around me love me for my approachable nature and enjoy the positive energy I bring to most conversations. I consider myself a young wise man as I enjoy conversing with or reading books from the more experienced to learn failures before they happen to me.

My mum always jokes that I never learnt to walk as when I turned 9 months old I ran straight away. That pretty well sums up my life, always busy, always exercising and rarely content with just ‘ok’. She also often quoted “it’s always 1 step forward and 2 steps back with you Andrew” which I thought wasn’t very nice at the time. Now that I look back on it I consider it like a home loan curve. You pay a lot of interest in the early days but the back end of the loan seems like a breeze – I feel as though I learnt a lot of hard lessons as a kid, pushing boundaries and constantly failing but now I feel as though I pick things up quickly. Like I said, I always have a positive spin on every situation.’