Who am I: Creator of awesome surroundings

Who am I:


My passion is working with people to create more meaningful space. I am an architect interested in injecting meaningful spaces for individuals and collectives into existing frameworks – homes, workplaces, suburbs, cities, nature.
Things I am interested in.

Heightened Habitats. Creating meaningful spaces that embrace and magnify human experience in our environment.

Multisensory spaces that harmonise with, link to, and celebrate nature. Less building, more environment. More out, than in. More: scorched fire circles, protean outdoor showers, tree house look outs for grownups and vine drenched courtyards. Let’s feel and experience the changing seasons and weather, and connect in a more definite way to our local habitats.

Human Centred Architecture. Designing spaces to celebrate our unique personalities and passions.
Focusing on the individual first, I like to explore the passions of the people within, and develop space that reflects and nurtures their personal values and goals. I love the creation of individual spaces that have their own unique sensibilities, yet are also visually linked to other areas creating a natural sense of community and tribal consciousness.
Let’s create less uniform space and more unique space. An amphitheater for a musician, a workshop for a maker, a butler’s pantry for a baker, a studio for an artist, a library for a reader/storyteller.
What would you get?

Injecting workplaces with meaningful shared space. The exquisite balance of people and place within an overarching purpose
Take the concept of a community and village, where there are diverse parts contributing to a functioning whole. A metaphor is a main street in a country town with specialist shops and the different roles people play in a tribal village. Across the spectrum of private to communal and from quiet to energetic. For example, workshops, tea rituals, an ideas centre, private or shared office space and green areas etc.

Design Arena. A social arena for collaboration between designers and makers.
I have a goal to create a space where passionate designers and maverick makers can meet and create, with a new business model and platforms available for them to workshop their ideas on featured project collaborations. Living in Italy fired my passion for the rhythm of a strong, invested community and the powerful impact this has on the success of shared ideas and tasks.
Passion Playgrounds. Creating Basecamps for incubation of creativity.
Property and business developments centred around place for passion and purpose. Where people dock in and out, based on what they love. Tangible spaces to couple with the robust intangible digital communities online. For example, a design hub, a workshop makers space, a music makers space, a storyteller’s space, a wet food market and food preparation space in one. Fill them with owner occupiers who are passionate and love what they do.

Design is for all not just designers. Community is intensified when we include everyone to participate and learn as a tribe.
During the process I always seek to work with our clients in a participatory way using tools, objects and workshops. To educate and enable people within their environments to own, design, edit and grow in their own space long after we are finished.
Harness Collective think. Multifocal Design Team Sessions.
Bringing together creative individuals with diverse passions to apply their talent on ideas for your space in a series of intense, short brainstorming sessions. Don’t put all your design eggs in one designer’s basket, access the collective and pick and mix to suit your project.

The Making. Meet the makers. Explore, gain understanding of, and embrace the materials and methods of making.

I love building; it is in my blood. I was born and raised amidst it; our whole family designs and creates. Get involved and help make the spaces you live, work and play in.