Data Insights and Optimisation


Wiley delivers insights through production and operational intelligence, maximising the efficiency of your food facility.

Wiley combines our unique and detailed understanding of food facility operations and processes with our advanced data analysis services to drive ever increasing returns for our clients.

We work closely with clients in this way to drive business outcomes across three key areas:

Engaging clients on each of these enables Wiley to leverage our significant process engineering experience and key knowledge around operating environments to deliver value through:

  • Operational data driven master planning
  • Commercial scenario planning and analysis though data
  • Operational excellence e.g. maximising Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  • Predictive analytics to minimise or eliminate unplanned downtime or shutdowns
  • Preventative actions (e.g. maintenance or equipment replacement)
  • Future facility modelling and visualisation through data
  • Real-time production insights and supply chain modelling