Machinery Installations and Relocations

Wiley has the capability to manage large extensive factory installations, machinery relocations and plant decommissioning projects. We have the experienced personnel that understand the importance of taking care of our clients’ equipment.

We have many years’ experience in working with businesses in the food, Health,  pharmaceutical, packaging, and many other industries. We aim to understand each clients’ needs, expectations, and timelines, and work to provide a full procurement, installation or relocation service.

Wiley handle all aspects of machinery and equipment installation and relocation, from transport and lifting to the mechanical and electrical disconnection/reconnection and commissioning. We can offer full turnkey project management, providing project engineers for larger jobs or hands-on supervisors and qualified tradesman for other projects. We understand the importance of taking care of customers’ equipment while working around tight schedules, which is why we work within your allocated timeline and are renowned for beating production deadlines.

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Key Projects