We know from experience that the best outcomes for creating or reinventing a great food facility are achieved through our Design Build approach. Here’s why:

Traditionally, food facilities are designed, tendered and built. We have a better way of doing things here at Wiley where we take a “Design Build” approach. Here is a comparison of the value between the two approaches:

Traditional Approach
Design Tender Build
Wiley Approach
Design Build
Contracting and CollaborationHigher Risk for the Facility OwnerRisk transfers to the Head Contractor
Delivery CostFacility Owner at high risk of cost growthResearch has shown that project costs are 6.1% lower on average*
Delivery SpeedActivities occur sequentially lengthening the overall time requiredResearch has shown that project delivery speed is 33.5% faster on average*
Delivery QualitySeparate Design and Build activities can create misalignment in quality requirementsDesign and Build processes are integrated more easily, aligning quality requirements

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Food facilities are complex.

To deliver a great facility, you need to integrate a great food process engineering team into the design and development process. This is what makes Wiley unique. Our Design Build approach is complemented with strong in house process engineering capabilities to deliver great food facilities.

What if the project needs the traditional approach?

Wiley is highly proficient at delivering projects using the traditional approach and can deliver as the Design Contractor and/or the Build Contractor in the Design Tender Build approach.

Wiley’s preference is, of course, to adopt the Design Build approach and complement that with our food process engineering capability. This delivers superior results in terms of project cost, speed and quality with less risk for our clients.